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Biographie Nowadays, the world attaches great importance to the problem of environmental pollution. Everyone is eager to live in a good condition, the pursuit of perfection, of course, fresh air and comfortable natural environment. Therefore, in the work, more and more places choose to use large industrial ceiling fans to improve the gas in the indoor space of multi-storey buildings such as workshops, logistics storage, waiting halls, exhibition halls, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.

Compared with traditional ventilation air conditioners and traditional ceiling fans or commercial ceiling fans, industrial fans have incomparable advantages in use, and have the specific functions and functions of large ceiling fans. The corresponding design features also indicate its uniqueness.

Large-scale industrial ceiling fans like HVLS Fans and PMSM Fans have large exhaust volume and wide coverage. There are many differences between industrial ceiling fans and ceiling fans for domestic applications. First, there is a huge difference in body size. Secondly, the industrial ceiling fan adopts the variable cross-section streamlined design to make its coverage rate large, because this type of design can reduce the frictional resistance in the air, efficiently convert electromagnetic energy into aerodynamic force, and rotate according to the obvious. And it can maximize the expansion of the total exhaust area, according to the survey, an industrial ceiling fan 2000 square meters.

In addition to industrial fans, air coolers are also more important cooling equipment in industrial production. Air cooler is a heat exchange device used for cooling in cold storage, which is composed of fans, coils, heat exchange fins, boxes and other components.

Air coolers have some significant advantages over fans.

(1) The installation site of the air cooler is not limited by the water source, water quality, water intake and other conditions.

(2) The installation and arrangement of the air cooler is not limited by the specific requirements of the water supply and drainage facilities.

(3) During the production and operation of the air cooler, the allowable temperature rise range of the air cooling medium is larger than that of the water cooling medium, and there is no problem of scale and cooling water equipment corroding the pipe wall.

(4) In terms of equipment maintenance, the air cooler does not require major dismantling and overhaul except for regular observation and lubrication operations, so the air cooler has a longer operating cycle than the water cooler.

(5) In terms of equipment investment of air coolers, because the scale of the required supply and drainage facilities is greatly reduced, air cooling is cheaper than water cooling under normal operating conditions.

(6) In terms of operating costs of air coolers, under normal operating conditions, the (motor) powers of air-cooled equipment and water-cooled equipment are roughly equal. However, more than 85% of the operating time of air cooling is carried out at a temperature lower than the design temperature by about 10 °C. Therefore, it is generally believed that the actual power consumption of air cooling is lower than that of water cooling, and its operating cost is on average 50% of that of water cooling. The maintenance cost of air-cooled equipment is about 1/2 lower than that of water-cooled.

(7) In terms of equipment potential of air coolers, compared with water cooling, the processing capacity of the equipment has a greater room for improvement. When the old factory is expanded, the water-cooling device can be replaced with air-cooling equipment, and the processing capacity of the equipment can be increased to a certain extent by using fans or motors.

There are many kinds of air coolers such as evaporative air coolers, portable air coolers, also some cooling pad and evaporative cooling pad
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